What prominent adults are saying about John Hlinko and Share, Retweet, Repeat:
  • “Along with Seth Godin’s books, and the great ‘Made to Stick’ by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, this new online marketing gem — ‘Share, Retweet, Repeat’ — definitely deserves to be on your shelf of really useful books about creative messaging and marketing. You’ll read it at one long sitting and then refer to it again and again.” – Frogloop
  • “[One of the] 10 business books that intrigued me most this year.” — Carol Tice, Entrepreneur Magazine
  • “Hlinko is one of those guys who have figured out how to actually get some use out of the Internet, whether by tapping into heretofore unidentified fundraising pools, getting a political message out to people who typically ignore political messages, or poking a pointed stick in the Establishment’s eye” — Gersh Kuntzman,
  • “John Hlinko has pushed the envelope when it comes to groundbreaking strategies to attract, engage, and activate grassroots supporters.” — Mike McCurry, Former White House Spokesman
  • “John Hlinko stepped forward to help us at when we were just getting going. He’s always an inspiration, bringing a deeply creative approach to everything he does.” — Joan Blades, co-founder, and
  • “Quite honestly, Hlinko is the best at what he does. Plus, he’s got a sense of humor that rivals at least three of his other senses. Four stars!” — Kevin Bleyer, Writer, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • “Gore might have invented the Internet but John figured out how to make it work.” — Suzie O’Hair, Start-up Advisor
  • Top 5 “PR Professionals of the Year” — PR Week
  • One of world’s top 25 “individuals, organizations and companies that are having the greatest impact on the way the Internet is changing politics,” — World Forum on e-Democracy

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