Help Us

Please help spread the word about Share, Retweet, Repeat!    This is a grassroots effort, and we need your help to make it a success. Please take 5 minutes, and do the following: 

1)  Leave positive reviews online.  This is a BIG help in driving sales.  If you can leave a great review, please do so at these links (if you can’t leave a great review, please go here instead):

  •   Click here to get to the book’s page.  Click the “like” icon at the top of the page, and then scroll down and look for the button that says, “Create your own review.”  If you can, please give it 5 stars, and a short review saying why you like it (or are looking forward to it).
  •, Digital (Kindle) version:   Click here for the Kindle (electronic) version, and then click “like” at the top of the page (you don’t need to leave a review if you’ve already done it above)
  • Barnes & Noble:  Click here, look for “Write a review” and give it 5 stars and a great review.
  • Books-a-Million.  Look for the “your rating” and click the 5 stars.
  • Powell’s.  Look for the “Add a comment” link, and add a positive comment

2)  If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, please do the following:

3)  Spread the word via email.  Tell friends to visit

4)  Call your local bookstore (or call a few), and ask if they have the book in stock.  If they don’t have it, and they get enough requests, it’ll dramatically increase the chances they they will end up carrying it after all!

  • Click here to find a list of nearby Barnes & Noble stores
  • Click here to find a list of independent bookstores near you
  • Search on Google for bookstores near you.

Thank you for your help!


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