Buy the Book

Where You Can Buy the Book

The wait is over, and you can buy the book right now!  Share, Retweet, Repeat is available wherever books are sold:

Other Ways You Can Help

If you’ve already bought the book, don’t stop there!  And if you can’t afford to buy it, don’t worry, you can still help.

  • Spread the word to others:  Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, via email, etc.
  • Fan my “author” page:  The more fans I have, the more support I can show, and the easier it will be to schedule in-person events, get media coverage, etc.
  • Click on the links above, and “like” the pages, and add positive reviews (if you don’t have the book yet, be honest, and leave a positive review talking about how you are looking forward to the book)


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